Women’s Health Today – April Podcast Available Featuring Women’s Health 2011 Congress

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Women’s Health Today April 22nd 8am
I discussed some of the challenges in women’s health and gender specific medicine, new research on clinical trials and women, the Affordable Care Act, and National Women’s Health Week. My guests included Women’s Health 2011 Congress Chair, Dr. Wendy Klein, Federal Drug Administration Research Fellow Rita Poon, sex and gender health policy expert and Women’s Health Services Research Director Dr. Justina Trott, and the new director of the Office on Women’s Health at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Nancy Lee. Listen to the podcast here.

Women’s Health Today
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How do sex and gender impact health? Does health policy adequately address systemic problems rooted in the relationships between patient, provider and insurer? Women’s Health Today looks at health from an interdisciplinary and woman-centered perspective, examining the many biological, psychological, environmental and social factors effecting health.

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Host: Giovanna Rossi